Our Projects

From an underwater oceanographer, to the search for life on other worlds, here are our current projects


MELT is a collaboration between five universities and the British Antarctic Survey that aims to use autonomous sensors, vehicles (including Icefin), radar, and moorings to monitor the Thwaites ice shelf and grounding line.


RISE UP is working to explore Antarctica and develop technology to explore other icy ocean worlds in our solar system. The Ross Ice Shelf and Europa Underwater Probe project explores from the McMurdo sea ice to Kamb Ice Stream.


Icefin is a small, long-range, deep-water, under-ice, robotic oceanographer. It was designed to simultaneously explore Earth’s oceans, while also developing the technology we need to one day explore other oceans in our solar system.


Pingo STARR will advance human and lander scale geophysical techniques specifically tailored to detect, characterize, and investigate the cryohydrology and genesis of possible pingo-like features on Earth, Mars, and Ceres.


The Oceans Across Space and Time Project explores conditions within ocean systems that control habitability, and what observable signals of biological activity in past and present ocean worlds might look like.