Oceans Across Space and Time, part of the Network for Life Detection

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OAST Mission

The goal of OAST is to understand how ocean worlds and their biospheres co-evolve to produce detectable signals of a past or present living world, by combining the expertise of a multidisciplinary team.

Signs of Life

What conditions in ocean systems control their habitability, and what are the observable signals of biological activity in present and past ocean worlds?

About Us

The Oceans Across Space and Time (OAST) project is part of the Network for Life Detection (NfoLD), funded by NASA’s Astrobiology Program. Our team combines the expertise of a range of multidisciplinary experts, and we conduct research and field work aimed at furthering our mission.

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OAST is supported by the NASA Astrobiology Program and Cornell University, and prior support from Georgia Tech. OAST is a cooperation. Between investigators at Georgia Tech, UCSD, LSU, Blue Marble Space, Stanford, Dartmouth, UTIG, Univ. Kansas, and Colgate, with collaborators at more than ten US and international institutions.