A map of ice streams in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, showing ice streams A (Mercer Ice Stream) through F (Echelmeyer Ice Stream). (Image: Encyclopædia Britannica, https://bit.ly/2YArWxl)

About “Ross Ice Shelf Programme (Antarctica New Zealand)”

The Ross Ice Shelf Programme (RISP) is funded through Antarctica New Zealand (ANZ), New Zealand’s government agency in charge of Antarctic work and research, and the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute (NZARI), an NZ-based Antarctic research trust. The goal of the program is broadly to investigate the Ross Ice Shelf and its many dimensions, including the effects of tides on the shelf, the stability of the shelf over geologic time through the use of a hot-water drill, and the ice shelf’s stability through GPS and radar.

Icefin will be used as an ROV/AUV to assist in these goals.

More information can be found on the ANZ website.

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