Michelle Babcock

Planetary Scientist and Science Communicator

Georgia Institute of Technology

Michelle is a planetary scientist interested in space and climate sciences, and long-time storyteller with a background in science communication and award-winning journalism. Michelle earned their M.S. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from Georgia Tech with a certificate in Astrobiology, and holds bachelor’s degrees in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Georgia Tech) and Communications (Kennesaw State).

Michelle has done research and communication initiatives in space, planetary, and climate sciences, taught planetary science labs at Georgia Tech, and has worked with a diverse set of collaborators across a range of media projects, from business clients to grant-funded research groups. They’ve built websites for NASA-funded planetary science and astrobiology research teams, translated scientific information into blog and web content for the public, and produced educational videos highlighting field work.

For more information on Michelle’s media work, visit MediaByMichelle.com.