Kayla Duarte


Georgia Institute of Technology

I am an undergraduate research assistant in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at GT and am majoring in EAS with a focus on planetary science. My primary research involves studying the icy subsurface properties of dwarf planet Ceres by investigating the landslides that occur on the surface. Through a series of measurements and morphologic evaluations of the landslides, I have helped develop and refine a classification system that would place any flow into one of four types. Creating the distinctions between types allows for further insight into the local subsurface composition, ultimately creating a more complete understanding of Ceres’ surface as a whole. With particular interest in the estimated coefficient of friction values and scar area and volume, conclusions can be drawn regarding the amount of ice in the subsurface as well as the type of material involved in the transportation of the flow. The methodology is not only useful for understanding Ceres, but also can be translated to landslides on other bodies.