Daniel Dichek

Icefin Lead Electrical Engineer

Georgia Institute of Technology

Daniel Dichek is the lead electrical engineer on the Icefin project. He supports other projects in the Planetary Habitability and Technology lab and is pursuing a PhD in Georgia Tech’s ECE department. He designs and implements power, control and communications systems for the Icefin vehicle and travels with the team to Antarctica to help explore oceans under ice shelves, glaciers and other sites of interest.

His current research investigates unsupervised anomaly detection methods for resource-constrained systems like robots, spacecraft, and wearable medical devices. Autonomously distinguishing “normal” and “abnormal” observations is a necessary function in any exploration.

Previously, he was an engineer in the Flight Controls Electronics group at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He has two patents from his work improving air data equipment reliability on the Boeing 767, 777, 737 and 787 airplanes.